GGSC Secretariat Pays a Visit to Thailand for Exchanges and Communication

Representatives of the Secretariat of the Global Green Supply Chains Initiative (GGSC) paid a 3-day visit to Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Thailand starting from 24 April, for the purpose of visiting the focal point of the Global Timber Index (GTI) platform in Thailand as well as local wood agencies, enterprises and timber markets. During the visit to the Thailand, the GGSC had exchanges and communication with the country’s Royal Forest Department, Forest Industry Organization, and Thai Timber Association.

Representatives of the GGSC Secretariat thanked the Thai side for its support to the work of the GTI platform, provided detailed updates on the progress of the GTI project, and introduced the Global Legal and Sustainable Timber Forum 2024 (GLSTF 2024) to be held in Macao on 11-12 September. Representatives from the Royal Forest Department, the Forest Industry Organization, the Thai Timber Association, and related enterprises expressed high recognition for the Global Timber Index (GTI) project and the Global Legal and Sustainable Timber Forum 2024 (GLSTF 2024), and hoped to further strengthen the cooperation with the GGSC Secretariat.



Group Photo of GGSC Secretariat and Forest Industry Organization



Meeting held between GGSC Secretariat and Royal Forest Department


Group Photo of GGSC Secretariat and Thai Timber Association

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