A Seminar on PEFC/PAFC Opportunities in the Chinese Market Held in Gabon

On March 19, a seminar on PEFC/PAFC opportunities in the Chinese market was held in Gabon, for the purpose of further promoting PEFC forest certification and sustainable forest management in Africa.

Mr. Thomas SEYVET, Development Officer at PEFC International, Ms. Rose ONDO, President of PAFC Gabon, Benson YU, Head of PEFC China, as well as representatives of UFIAG Association, local forestry enterprises in Gabon, and GGSC attended the meeting.


According to Mr. Benson YU, Head of PEFC China, PEFC is the world's largest Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) certification system, and 71% of the world’s certified forests are certified to PEFC Standards.


At present, 55 national members have joined forces under the PEFC Alliance, while PAFC is a regional forest certification system in Africa that has achieved PEFC endorsement.


Representatives of the GGSC (Global Green Supply Chains Initiative) Secretariat participated in the seminar online and introduced the GGSC initiative. As a global service platform supported by ITTO, GGSC's vision is to "connect forestry stakeholders and promote harmonious coexistence between people and the nature", and its mission is to "build a global ecosystem that transforms corporate social and environmental responsibility into a competitive advantage."

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