A Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signed between Global Green Supply Chain of Forest Products (Macao) Federation and China Wood Protection Industry Association

On March 16, Dr. Yuan Bing, Chairman of the Global Green Supply Chain of Forest Products (Macao) Federation attended the 14th China Wood Protection Conference & the 1st Timber Industry Scientific and Technological Achievements Exchanges and Matchmaking Conference held in Hunan Province, China, and on behalf of the Macao Federation, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Wood Protection Industry Association. The strategic cooperation with the China Wood Protection Industry Association aims to leverage Macao's geographical advantages and the complementary advantages of both sides in the field of international cooperation and business liaison, jointly build a global green supply chain of forest products, work together to promote the coordinated development of economic, social and ecological benefits of the timber industry, and contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


The Global Green Supply Chain of Forest Products (Macao) Federation is a non-profit international organization jointly initiated and established by Chinese and foreign forest products enterprises, industry associations, research institutions and international organizations, and approved by the Macao government for incorporation. It aims to respond to the global initiative of green and sustainable development and "Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality" goals, build global legal and sustainable supply chains of forest products, construct a global community with a shared future for forest products, promote the positive contribution of the forest products industry to the economy, environment and society, and contribute to the realization of UN Sustainable Development Goals.


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