Important news
Important news
Research Activities of Panel Furniture Industry in FengXian, Xuzhou

From August 25 to 26, GGSC secretariat, led by secretary-general Luo Xinjian, visited and investigated representative enterprises of panel furniture industry in FengXian,JiangSu Province,invited leading enterprises to participate the GTI platform. FengXian Bureau of Commerce introduced GGSC secretariat to visit Bofeng Timber Industry, Jiangsu Ruitai Panel Co., Ltd., Xuzhou Hengyuan Timber Industry Co., Ltd., Ligao Timber Industry, Jiangsu Yunguanshan Smart Home Co., Ltd., Geshimei Smart Home, Boyu Smart Home, Yunbu Stairs, Hanxin Timber Industry and Guangrui Timber Industry in Sunlou Street, Zhaozhuang Town, Songlou Town, Wanggou Town and Economic Development Area of FengXian, and conducted in depth communications with enterprise leaders.

On August 26, GGSC secretariat and local leading timber enterprises held a symposium of GTI project, the director of FengXian Bureau of Commerce Song Laixu introduced the development of panel industry in FengXian. Secretary-general Luo Xinjian introduced work content and requirements of GTI project, and Dr. Mengqian explained the filling of the global timber index. Fengxian timber  enterprises combined with the domestic and foreign economic development situation discussed the main problems and difficulties facing the present, expressed the most urgent requirements. GGSC secretariat gave positive responses to the enterprises, and said GTI platform would play an important role in international timber industry, committed to the key issues of sustainable development of the international wood industry to serve the wood industry enterprises and empower the wood industry, promote the green and sustainable development of global forest resources and forestry industry.

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