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GGSC-Gabon Index Report (July 2021)

In July(testing period), GGSC-Gabon index registered 51.8%, indicating that the overall operating situation of key timber companies operating in Gabon who participated in the survey is expanding compared with the previous month. Specifically, it refers that, on the supply side, the production and manufacturing activities of key enterprises are active; on the demand side, the overall demand has been stable, export orders have shown a good growth trend, and the number of orders received by enterprises has increased compared with the previous month. At the same time, the price of raw materials has increased significantly, and the delivery time of distributors has been extended. This month, most companies have increased their inventory of raw materials and finished products.

The comparison chart of GGSC-Gabon and GGSC-CN is shown in Figure 1. July is the traditional off-season of the forest product manufacturing industry in China. The GGSC-CN Index registered 47.7% (56.9% in July 2020 and 44.3% in July 2019), a decrease of 5.6 percentage points from the previous month, below the  the critical value of 50%  for the first time in the past three months. It indicates that the operation of the superior forest products enterprises represented by GGSC-CN  index shrink from last month.

Figure 1 Trend of GGSC-CN Index and GGSC-Gabon Index from May-July 2021

Note: The GGSC-Gabon Index started testing in July 2021, thus only July data is available.

The  GGSC-Gabon sub-indices are as follows:

The production index registered 58.3%, which is above the critical value of 50%.  It shows that the production of key companies  granted with forest concessions has increased  than that of last month.

The new order index registered 50.0%, same as the critical value. It reflects that the ability of key companies granted with forest concessions to obtain orders is almost same as last month.

The main raw material inventory index registered 60.0%, which is above the critical value of 50%. It shows that the raw material inventory of key companies granted with forest concessions is increased in July from last month.

The employment index registered 50.0%, same as the critical value. It shows that the  the employment of key companies granted with forest concessions is basically the same as last month.

The supplier delivery time index registered 41.7%, which is lower than the critical value of 50%. It indicates that the supply time of raw material suppliers for key companies  granted with forest concessions was significantly slower than last month.

NOTE: The GGSC-Gabon Index is the regional GGSC (Global Green Supply Chain) index of Gabon. It is developed from the FPI index system of original Chinese forest product index mechanism. The GGSC-Gabon Index was collected by the GGSC Secretariat, with the support of Forest Union of the Asian Industry in Gabon (UFIAG). Data from frontline enterprises operating in Gabon’s forestland was collected and analyzed. The index reflects the operating conditions of Gabon’s key companies granted with forest concessions. All sample companies are granted forest concessions in Gabon, with a total area of 1.18 million hectares of concession-based forestland, accounting for about 12% of the total forestland with concessions in Gabon (10 million hectares). In addition to forestland management, it also produces logs, sawn timber, plywood, veneer and other products.

The analysis conclusion of the report is based on the data reported by the enterprise itself. At present, the GGSC-Gabon index is still in the testing period. The index model and sample collection need to be further improved based on the test results. It is not recommended to use this index for investment related decision-making.

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